Learn More abour our intensive driving courses

We understand that there are various options you can consider when it comes to learning to drive. Compared to the traditional weekly lessons that can be lengthy, time consuming and not as efficient as intensive driving courses. Below are some reasons why our intensive driving course would be an ideal fit for you.

Why Intensive?


The main different between traditional driving lessons and intensive courses lies in the amount of time involved. By reducing the amount of time between driving sessions, you can avoid repeatedly going over driving manoeuvres and skills you already understand.

Alongside this, intensive instruction allows you to learn in an environment where you can promptly revisit any challenges or issues you may have when learning on the same day, meaning you won’t have to sit and dwell on your mistakes and overthink for your next set of lessons.

Typically with an intensive course you would take the driving test within two weeks of completing the course. With the aid of a refresher lesson before your test, you will be able you to recall the skills you have learnt previously.

Why Intensive?

Cost-Effective Driving Tuition

Opting for an intensive course is a considerably more budget-friendly method of learning as you avoid spending money on lessons relearning material that you were taught months earlier. You will learn all of the same skills and information on an intensive course, it is just condensed into a single week.

Why Intensive?

Flexible Courses

We understand that you have a hectic schedule and finding a free day or an evening for weeks can be challenging – for both you and your instructor. Our course is designed to run for a week, making it convenient for you to integrate it into your routine, and it can be adjusted to fit your work, family, and school obligations.

Why Intensive?

Blended learning for New Drivers

Our course is a blend of online and in-person instruction. Practical driving lessons are conducted individually and led by the same instructor throughout the entire week. Meanwhile, you can train and revise for your theory test via our online portal, allowing you to learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home without any distractions.

Why Intensive?

Fast Track Tests

Once you’ve successfully passed your theory test, you’ll be granted access to our booking system to schedule your practical exam. With this system, you’ll be able to secure a test much faster than the usual waiting period of up to five months. Our tests typically take place within two weeks of the start of your course.

Why Intensive?

Driving Test Car Included

One of the perks of our intensive driving course is that we provide the vehicle you’ll use for your practical driving test at no additional cost. Some other companies charge extra for this service. This is particularly advantageous because you’ll be taking the test in a car that you’re already familiar and comfortable with!

Why Intensive?

Theory Tuition and Tests

Traditionally, driving lessons concentrate only on practical driving, leaving the responsibility of learning the theory to the learner. However, at ALB Intensive Driving, we also provide comprehensive instruction that includes theory lessons. Our driving course includes theory education, and we’ll be with you every step of the way as you prepare for your test. Also, the course fee covers the cost of your theory test, and if for some reason you don’t pass your theory test you will have access to our online seminars for your next test.