Learn More abour our intensive driving courses

At ALB Intensive Driving, we are specialists in intensive driving courses that take place over 5 days. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive learning experience with continuous support every step of the way. Our courses combine practical tuition with access to our online theory training, giving you the best chance for you pass both tests and get on the road swiftly.

About Our Intensive Driving Course
About Our Intensive Driving Course
About Our Intensive Driving Course

We provide affordable courses in a relaxing atmosphere that will help you pass quickly and safely. Rather than spending months planning lessons around your schedule, we provide convenient sessions that fit seamlessly into a single week. Book your course today and save time and money with ALB Intensive Driving, or find out more about why you should choose an intensive driving course.

About Our Intensive Driving Course

What’s Included?

We offer a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of driving education, and most of our students pass their driving test within two weeks of completing the course, depending on test availability.

Our intensive driving course includes:

  • Five days of practical driving lessons
  • Access to our online theory test seminars
  • Your theory test
  • A fast-tracked practical driving test
  • The use of your instructor’s car for your test

Online Theory Tuition

If you are looking to learn to drive via an intensive course, then it’s important to make sure that you have passed your theory test, as this is required before taking your practical test. As soon as you you’re your booking with ALB Intensive Driving Courses, you will gain access to our range of online seminars, which you can watch and revise at your convenience, making our courses more flexible while providing the support you need. Other driving courses often leave students to complete the theory component independently.

We also pre-book your theory test when you register for a course with us. If you don’t pass the test on your first attempt, you will still have access to our seminars until you pass.

Manual Driving Courses

We offer driving courses for both manual and automatic transmissions. Although learning to drive a manual car can be challenging initially due to the coordination required, it has the advantage that you can drive both manual and automatic cars. Your instructor will guide you in learning how to operate your vehicle with confidence, so don’t let the clutch discourage you. We have years of experience teaching students how to perfect gear changes, hill starts and much more.

Automatic Driving Courses

If you have tried to learn manually before and struggled, or would like an easier approach to driving then our automatic transmission course is the ideal option for you. One of the advantages of learning to drive an automatic is that you don’t need to worry about managing a clutch or gears. However, it is essential to note that an automatic license does not permit you to drive a manual vehicle.